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CEO of the Mighty Oaks Foundation

USMC Infantry Officer/Iraq Veteran

Navy Commendation Medal with “V” for Combat Valor

Jeremy was a USMC Infantry Officer in Iraq, has received a Veteran Navy Commendation Medal with “V” for Combat Valor, is a former pastor, and Co-Founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation. He focuses on veterans and helping them adjust back to civilian life and deal with PTSD from a biblical perspective.


Interview Topics

March or Die

Jeremy, using his own experiences of war, illustrates how to move forward when we don’t know what to do. There is hope even in the most hopeless situation for those that are willing to March when it would be easier to Die! It’s time to stop looking back, stop making excuses and stop allowing yourself to remain stuck. It’s time to take the next step!

Still Here

Using the Bible story of Nehemiah building the wall of Jerusalem, Jeremy highlights three things to focus on when the battle has gone on longer than you ever thought possible. The fight is worth it, but often we need to be reminded why. God has not forgotten us and we need to keep moving forward because of His past goodness and promise for the future. There are just some things worth fighting for and we can come out on the other side victorious!

Making the Most of Your Mess

Using the Old Testament story of Elijah on Mt. Carmel, Jeremy explains how, in the midst of an overwhelming mess, we can not only find our own purpose, but help others find theirs as well. A mess is only a mess if you don’t figure out how to redeem it. There is value even in the worst of situations, if only we know how to find it!

Life Without Limits: A Discussion About Trauma

Real trouble comes when we fail to recognize trauma for what it is and when we lack a clear roadmap for moving beyond it. Jeremy uses his experience working with those who are overcoming trauma to share a clear path forward. Struggling after trauma does not make you unusual, it makes you human! There is no reason to let that trauma define you though if you are willing to follow the path forward walked by many others before you. Don’t let trauma limit what God wants you to do in your life.


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