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Attorney R. Davis Younts was a student at the Dickinson School of Law of the Pennsylvania State University on September 11th 2001. Like so many other brave patriots, Younts volunteered to serve his country as an officer in the Air Force JAG Corps after the events of that tragic day. After a decade of military service, Younts decided to return home to Pennsylvania to continue his mission to fight for the freedom and Constitutional rights of military service members, veterans, and American citizens facing serious criminal charges.

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A former prosecutor, JAG, and number one ranked Senior Defense Counsel in the Air Force, who dedicates his practice to providing strategic criminal defense services in military, federal, and state court.

Unique Experience

Attorney Younts has served as a military officer and thought leader in trial advocacy and military criminal justice. As a JAG officer, Younts served as a prosecutor, defense attorney, command legal advisor, senior legal advisor to deployed commanders, and general officers. In addition to his involvement in over 100 courts-martial, Younts served as the Chief of the Military Justice Division at the Air Force JAG School where he taught trial advocacy and military justice to JAGs from all branches of the service. Younts combines the skills of a passionate and award-winning trial attorney with his experience as a military officer to provide thoughtful and strategic criminal defense.

A Mission

As a Sophomore at Liberty University, Younts was carefully and prayerfully considering God’s vocational calling for his life when a fellow student in class asked for prayer for a pastor facing criminal charges. Unfortunately, the pastor was having incredible difficulty finding an attorney to represent him. When this prayer request was shared in class, Younts knew that God was prompting him to pursue a career in the law. Since that time, Younts has continued to dedicate his practice to advocating for the God-given and Constitutional rights of those facing serious criminal charges. Younts believes that no matter the individual or the nature of the allegation everyone deserves compassion and that a free society cannot exist unless every citizen is treated equally under the law and receives a fair trial.

Active Duty Service

R. Davis Younts began his legal career as a military prosecutor quickly earning a reputation as a passionate advocate for justice. Attorney Younts’ success, ninety-eight percent conviction rates, as well as his skillful handling of complex cases garnering national attention, resulted in his competitive selection as an Air Force Area Defense Counsel. As a military defense attorney, Younts found his true calling and went on to become the top-ranked litigator in his region. Although asked to become one of eighteen Senior Trial Counsel in the Air Force, Younts turned down this prestigious offer to remain a defense attorney. His hard work was rewarded when he was hand-picked to become a Senior Defense Counsel and put in charge of the Air Force’s busiest region where he served as the lead attorney for homicide, sexual assault, drug, and other serious criminal cases.

Through hard work and dedication attorney Younts amassed an amazing string of acquittals, was promoted to the rank of Major and ranked as the number one Senior Defense Counsel in the Air Force. Following his three year tour, Younts was selected to become an instructor at the Air Force Judge Advocate General’s School. After deploying in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Younts returned to the JAG School where he was promoted to Chief of the Military Justice Division and tasked by the Judge Advocate General to re-design and modernize the Air Force’s trial advocacy training. After a decade of service in the Air Force Attorney Younts decided to accept an offer from the Pennsylvania National Guard to serve as the senior-attorney advisor to the Joint Force Headquarters.

As the senior full-time legal advisor to the TAG and multiple General Officers, Younts was quickly recognized as a Commander’s JAG capable of providing timely legal advice that helped to further the mission and the strategic objectives of the organization. As a member of the Guard, Younts was promoted to his current rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Despite his success with the Guard, Younts knew his calling and passion was for the court-room and he left full-time government service to enter private practice as a criminal defense attorney.


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