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Nate Fischer

New Founding

Founder and CEO

Nate Fischer is the founder and CEO of New Founding, a venture firm focused on the American right. He also co-founded American Reformer, which works to revitalize contemporary Protestant thought and institutions.

Nate previously co-founded a real estate investment firm that grew to more than $1 billion in assets, and has a variety of other entrepreneurial and investment experience. He is a Claremont Lincoln Fellow and graduate of Calvin College and Harvard Law School. He lives in Dallas, TX, with his wife and four children.


New Founding is a venture firm and talent network, building and supporting parallel economic institutions that enable cultural change. New Founding builds on high-trust, aligned communities to connect people and opportunities, creating economic networks that will be resilient to the broader collapse of trust in American institutions.

Interview topics


  • The importance of aligned networks and communities with economic sovereignty in an age of collapsing trust

  • Political discrimination, the woke economy, and antifragile investment

  • How we can beat woke corporations

  • Applying AI today: how to leverage AI and prevent it from takingyour job.

  • The future of business in a digital age


  • How the Christian right can win as a movement. Embracing disruptive tech and a positive vision for society

  • The need to connect talent through networks built on trust, aggregate power through those networks, and then use that power aggressively in the political sphere

  • Why conservatism is failing


  • A positive vision for technology: how we can use technology toempower humans in a digital age and amplify Christian communities.

  • Tech and neutrality: digital technology is ending neutrality. There must be a value system and if we don’t catechize the bots, the left will.

  • How do we beat Google? Embrace and leverage disruptive tech

  • How do we beat Harvard and the university system?

  • Cryptocurrency, Christianity, and building a Christian society


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