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Jennifer Richey

Gravity Jack

CSO, Chief Strategy Officer

Jennifer Richey is a southern California native, transplanted to the great northwest. Along with being a technology futurist and entrepreneur, she is a mother of four, sport bike rider and skydiver.

Jennifer has been in the technology sector since leaving school to help kickoff a startup in 2002. Her first foray into technology was as the CFO of Tometa Software, a custom software development company that was acquired in 2007. From this, Jennifer went onto assume the same role at PlayXpert, a gaming company and, in 2009, helped spearhead the formation of Gravity Jack.

Gravity Jack

Gravity Jack is a private research, design, and development firm on a mission to create

The Future Experience™. Specializing in augmented reality, computer vision, and machinelearning technologies, our custom software solutions have supported some of the mostrespected names in the world, including Mondelez (OREO), Kraft Heinz Company, GOJO,Ford Motor Company, US Department of Defense, Bloomberg, Coca-Cola and manymore.

The WarTribe of Binyamin

Gravity Jack is creating a mobile AR game called The War Tribe of Binyamin, combining two competingAIs (good vs evil), and a play-to-earn engine that generates machine-learning training sets for the7,100 unreached languages that comprise 50% of the planet. WarTribe introduces never been seengame mechanics encouraging global players to unite in game across borders to defeat the evil AI.WarTribe takes augmented reality gameplay to a level that’s never been seen before.

Interview topics

Artificial Intelligence

  • The common misconceptions of AI

  • Should we fear AI?

  • AI as a tool and how we can use it


  • Why AR is important
  • The different ways AR can be used
  • AR gaming
  • AR in business
  • “Software is limited by hardware/technologies”
  • What Apple Vision Pro means to the future of AR
  • Gravity Jack: the first AR game
  • The future of AR: AR will be an expectation
  • AR tech recent advancements


  • How to translate the gospel to every language in 5 years
  • Pay people and evangelize at the same time (pay them to read and translate the Bible)
  • Rethinking the model of separation of your walk with Jesus and business
  • ANY problem in the world can be solved with a Godborn solution that is sustainable and does not require constant donation input


  • Why it matters that a woke company does NOT control the future of AI
  • Gravity Jack’s commitment to being entirely American based


  • The history of Gravity Jack
  • AI, AR, and Gravity Jack
  • “The Future Experience™”
  • Being female in a male-dominated tech world


  • Geocentric, multination: how this game is making people re-thinkearning worldwide
  • Working with and teaming up with people around the globe geographically to accomplish missions in the game.
  • Breaking ground in gaming in a number of ways, combining AI, AR,and several patented techniques
  • Why the timing is right for a game like WarTribe of Binyamin
  • Incredible shareholder return while uplifting the impoverished
  • New ways to automate dividends off the top
  • Why Gravity Jack we went crowdfunding instead of VC
  • Investors can be involved in creative decisions


  • How to do web3 and not have anyone know it
  • How web3 and blockchain in WarTribe helps people inimpoverished countries
  • WarTribe’s longtime strategies using blockchain and crypto
  • The place and time for crypto: decentralization
  • Why crypto should matter to everyone


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