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Gabriel is the Co-Host of the popular Christian, political show, CrossPolitic TV Show and Podcast. He is the Founder of Pengo Media, and is also the Co-Founder and CEO of the Fight Laugh Feast Network, and the CEO of Dropwave. Gabriel zoomed into national attention after being arrested while exercising his 1st Amendment Rights protesting the mask mandates in his city in 2020. He was interviewed on several national shows, such as Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck and Todd Starnes, and his arrest was even retweeted by President Trump.


Interview Topics

Christian Theology

Gabe is a husband, father, business owner, and deacon in his church. He attended
Greyfriars Hall, and is the co-host of CrossPolitic, a Christian, political TV show and
podcast. Gabe theological focus is on the relationship of God and government, Postmill theology, whiskey drinking Calvinist theology, theonomy, and applying the scriptures to the current cultural and political landscape.
#ChristianLeadership #FamilyValues #ReformedEvangelical #Postmillenial

Business Ownership

Being the Founder of Pengo Media, Drobwave, and the Co-Founder of CrossPolitic Studios has given Gabe a unique perspective on business. Gabe specifically believes that Christians should not hide their faith from running a business. Since the Lord should permeate every aspect of our lives, this also applies to our personal business endeavors. His goal is to build a faithful Christian economy that includes media with a real impact, businesses that won’t cave in to woke and cancel culture, and encourage Christians to build generational wealth through owning businesses (not selling them).
#Entrepeneurship #BusinessOwner #ChristianLeadership


Our country has drifted far from its Christian foundation. It is time to ask ourselves, how can we regain our country, and make America faithful again? Gabe is passionate about discipling people to apply their faith to the world around us, specifically to our politics in this current climate. We need to get back to mixing faith and politics. Because of this belief, Gabe is determined to educate fellow Christians in how we can lead our country back to the Christian principles it was founded on. In 2020, Gabriel was arrested in the parking lot of Moscow City Hall (Idaho) while singing Psalms and protesting Mayor Lambert’s unconstitutional masks mandates.

After he was arrested, he appeared on Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Steve Deace, and many more appearances. President Trump retweeted Gabe’s arrest, which only emboldened his local prosecutor, who in the end lost the case. Gabe 1, City of Moscow leftist zero. He believes that “family big, government small, and church faithful” is how you create thriving nations. 

He is a determined Conservative, and strives to warn others about the breakdown of the church, lack of citizen engagement, irresponsible fathers, CRT, gun control laws, communism, socialism, and other dangerous political beliefs that are destroying our country.
#ChristianPrinciples #ShapingCulture #AmericaFirstAgain #Conservative


Husband, Father of three, The waterboy

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