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Christopher Schlect

New Saint Andrews College

Senior Fellow of History and Director of CCS Program, Head of Humanities

Christopher Schlect, Ph.D., is the Director of the Classical and Christian Studies program at New Saint Andrews College, where he also serves on the faculty as Senior Fellow of History. His primary teaching areas at the College include courses in history, classical rhetoric, and related fields. Dr. Schlect has also taught advanced courses at Washington State University and Gordon College, and he has interpreted historical sites as a ranger for the U.S. National Park Service.

He remains active with his historical research related to American Protestantism in theearly 20th century, and he serves classical and Christian schools around the country through his teaching, consulting, and training activities. Chris and his wife, Brenda, have five grown children, all products of a classical and Christian education, as are all their spouses. They also have nine delightful grandchildren who remind them of God’s faithfulness.

Awards and Recognition:

Interview topics


  • The history of classical education: its beginning to modern day
  • What are the liberal arts?
  • Why classical Christian education still works in today’s culture
  • How classical Christian provides skills students need duringthese chaotic times
  • Politics of education
  • Ethics of education


  • Why we study history and its relevancy today
  • How American history changed over time
  • Why it is important to teach history

New Saint Andrews College

  • Graduating leaders who shape culture
  • Graduating leaders who live faithfully under the Lordship of Jesus
  • What NSA education looks like


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